The Phoenix. Mone Uchida
― The Phoenix. ―
The Phoenix.

If you are hurt by slanderous criticisms, then you must change your feelings and keep your life enjoyable. Indeed, it is the only answer to those who accuse you.

However, this is not so easy. I also have the experience of having been bruised by bad reviews.

But if you can send back love, this will reveal their mistake.

The happy man does not mistreat anyone.

Stop to accuse yourself and suffer. Keep your energy to take care of your family and yourself, and be happy.
In this painting, the king bird is posing.
He expresses, "I do not care of others, leave me alone."
He is beautiful and strong.

"Do not spend your time with the black dog."

Someone is jugging you. Sometimes it's friendly, other times aggressive or jealous. But do not consider it too seriously.

A default makes our charm as well. Try not to take it only as a bad thing, but try to concentrate on the positive that there is in you, and illuminate it. So doing, the negative will fade.

Return quickly to your inner ideal when you receive criticisms. Continue the dialogue with this inner ideal in order to find back your goals, your way.

You, you have your own purpose that you created while talking with your soul. If you receive criticism constantly, you can also say "I'm tired of it" and then end the relationship. Then you should be able to get higher and go through the next door.