Light of the universe Mone Uchida
― Light of the universe ―
Light of the universe

This is a painting I tried to paint on a large scale, while praying that the love of the universe, the love of the divine, reaches the people.

I think prayer is neither the form taken by hand, nor the style, but rather the strength of mind that allows us to challenge ourselves.

Echoing the words of CG Jung, it is in the midst of despair that prayer reveals the divinity in our heart, and what might be called 'the consciousness', 'the ideal', which transcends our existence.


Mr. Endo Shusaku, a Japanese writer, said that 'God is present and is working inside us.' I agree with him.

What matters is whether there is a part of our heart that is ready to dialogue with the other divine being that lives in our heart.

Having another inspiration than yourself and decide for yourself by talking to the other part inside.

When this dialogue will take force as through prayer, we will indicate the way to take.

How do I want to live my life? What I want to be? Is this the right way of doing things? Is it the best for me?

We must think about it all the time. As in, it will become your core, your line of force. And then you will not have to worry about what people think.

When you get this kind of heart, you can draw your balance and happiness from it, and then you can realize your dreams.   I realized that 'the power of belief', which is often referred to in the workshops and books of self-knowledge, this is this power of faith, this strength to think and analyze. For me it was a great discovery.

Since long, Buddha and Christ are working in deep unconscious, what religion calls 'soul', and psychoanalysis 'subconscious'.

I wish you to make your dreams come true, while praying.

And I hope that wisdom of heaven will spread over on you and those in the world who need it…