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The Japanese seemed to lose all emotional links, but, after going through the terrible experience of March 2011, the need for such a link is felt again deep in our hearts.
It seems that now a new spirit of cooperation emerges among the Japanese.

The indicator shown through the paintings: love.
Listen to inner philosophy, one's own vision of the world.

Q First of all let me congratulate you for these 14 awards in just three years.

A Thank you very much. I want to express with all my heart, my pride and gratitude for the wash painting specialists who have rewarded my work.

Q Your works are like visions of dream.

A Yes, indeed. But I think we will find rather 'thought' than 'dream'. Since my childhood I used to think deeply, and by nature I can easily receive negative feelings from others, such as sadness. So if there was a child who was bullied, I stayed at his side all the time because I was worried for him. It has not changed even now I'm grown up. I remain sensitive to the condition of my contemporaries, who suffer from the situation in Japan today. I think that my character and my introspection tied together give life to my inspiration, and allow me to undertake a new creation.

Q It seems that your work is spiritual?

A Some people say it is spiritual, or say they feel the spirituality through something deep in the paintings. But for me, it was not my intention. After the World War II, Japan has made great progress economically in terms of efficiency, but there are many people whose heart is suffering day after day. People are bullied, which live recluse, depression, suicides, the loneliness of the elderly ... I feel all this sadness. That's it. I think that inspiration is a mysterious feeling, sixth sense which connect us to the divine one, and which will appear beyond our five senses, if they are already sufficiently developed. For me, it is necessary to continue this spiritual quest without slackening.

Q What is important to get personality and originality in artistic work?

A Of course, it is important to know the basic techniques and the tradition. But moreover, it is necessary to strive to find his own way, while groping. If men could destroy the traditional style and lose the common direction, they also can surmount, exploit, or destroy. But it is important to learn with modesty, to appreciate the tradition and the weight of the classic approach. Although that remains a major problem for me too…

And everybody has its own strengths, so if any of us can use his own strengths in his paintings, his originality will be revealed and then characterize his work.

Me, thanks to my studies in brush calligraphy, which I started at the age of 3 years, I can seriously enjoy the quality of my productions as lines and shapes. This gave a tremendous force in my paintings. I really want to thank my teachers for that calligraphy and painting training, and my parents too.

And then, I was also influenced by the music I listened to, the reading of many books of physics, religion, spirituality…
I think that all these teachings take my inspiration to an higher level, and now run from my heart naturally.

Q Could you explain to me the main idea which inspired the series 'Shadows of an Era', please?

A Japan became a very prosperous country after World War II, promoting efficiency, capitalism. However, in this very rational and productive society, we started to compare ourselves to others, according to superficial and simplistic criteria. In this society, we suffer from not being able to communicate naturally, from heart to heart. After the bursting of the financial bubble, the rates of depression and suicide have increased significantly. People got weakened, then more and more excluded. Men are not just objects. Love yourself ... accept and love yourself by accepting its shortcomings. I think it is time again to experience the peace of mind...
I think that another way exist through introspection formed by prayer and faith, and that recovery may be in the area of the heart, when communicating with those who can give us a benevolent energy. It is a spiritual space in which everyone can feel accepted. The important thing is not to see only the appearance given by school grade level or professional stature, but to consider each face in order to find friendliness, availability, modesty. And also respect the dignity of persons in poverty, including the elderly ... It is necessary to teach again the children of Japan about these values of love of life, meaning of life, philosophy.
I do not consider myself a religious person. So I do not pretend to talk about life, or show a path for others, I would just like to keep on creating, praying that a soft and caring light will fills the heart of those who are sick, and I hope I can progress again and again, keeping hope and perfecting my soul.

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